Saturday, June 2, 2007


We went to Antigua today to see where we will be going to school. I was very surprised at how crowded it was. Hannah thought the cobblestone roads were neat. (I would have posted pictures, but we forgot our battery charger for our camera, and need to wait for it ot arrive with Joanna). Our school is much smaller than it looked in the picutres we had seen, but the people we met were very nice. We talked to the staff there about Hannah and Sarah going to classes at some point. We think that we will do that closer to the time that we leave as it costs the same as it does for an adult, although maybe more exciting. They explained that the girls would also have one on one training, but it would be more games and on hand experience to learn the language. Hannah likes the idea, and right now Sarah does not. We will see. Around our condo complex there are lots of children, many of them girls about the same ages as our kids.

Our neighbours Doug and Sarah are missionaries with Kids alive here in Guatemala. They are very nice and have been very welcoming. They have five children, most of whom are grown and living in the U.S. Their youngest child is a boy named Jared he is 7 years old. The girls have enjoyed playing with him.

Tomorrow morning we are planning to go to church with Rick and Carol McArthur. Sarah went over and played with Valerie this morning, they had a good time. School ended for Valerie this past week so she has been pretty bored.

I must be going. I will email more once we get our email trouble sorted out. Thank You for praying for us. We are very excited about language school and hope to pick us Spanish quickly.

Tyler, Brenda & Girls

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