Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Beautiful Sight

Joanna and Hannah walked along the shore dipping their toes in the water. It was refreshing after a hot day in the car.
A few of the tourist boats including the boat we went on called 'Isabelita'

This is one of the many beautiful views of Lake Atitlan. There are several volcanoes surrounding the lake and many small communities. In one nearby town there are natural hot springs heated by a volcano.

This is one of the girls we saw earlier in the day selling things in the streets. She and her brother were skipping stones on the lake just before sundown. They were quite friendly and as it seems to be everywhere, they were quite interested in the girls hair.

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Annie said...

Yes, I am sure the girls stand out in a crowd there with their beautiful hair. It must be fun for them to be making new friends.