Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Beauty of God's Creation

This is one of the views we see on our way to school each day.

I can hardly believe that we have finished three weeks of classes already. Tyler completed the first course with a 90% on his exam and has now begun the second course. I completed the first workbook and will have my exam when we return to school on July 2nd. We have also signed Hannah and Sarah up for three weeks of spanish classes in July. I think that it will be great for them to learn some Spanish in a more formal setting.

This week it rained only once. It was so nice to see the sun everyday. Several times the girls had water ballon fights with their new friends who were off school this week. Myah also had fun pretending to ride a 'big girl bike'. Yesterday the girls wanted to catch one of the geckos in our backyard for a pet. I am happy they run too fast for them.

We have seen some beautiful sights this week. Every day there are new flowers opening up in our backyard, many that I have never seen before. Each night that we travel home from school we are amazed by the colours in the sky and the cloud formations. I stand in awe of how marvelous God's creation is. Have you ever wondered how many leaves there are in the world at one time? Or, really thought about how big this world is, yet God knows exactly where you are and what you need and he cares for you all the time. This week we walked to the local school for missionary children here in Guatemala, to use the library. On our way home we saw a small plant with tiny flowers in it. The most amazing thing about this plant was that the blossoms were all different colours on one plant.
We are grateful for all of you and miss you very much. I hope that you too have caught a glimpse the wonderful things God has made been equally amazed.

Ty, Bren, Hannah, Sarah & Myah


Annie said...

Way to go, Myah!!!! Exciting stuff:) Thank you, Brenda, for your reflexion on God's creation. He is amazing for creating so many complex things! Evolution???? big Bang? Who could even think that's possible!!!!!

Annie said...

Congrats, Tyler, on getting 90%! Maybe you are a teacher's pet hahahaha! I'm sorry, but I couldn't really see you being a teacher's pet. Maybe a hunter's teacher's pet... ok I'm done!