Sunday, June 3, 2007

A family day in Antigua

We travelled to Antigua today and walked around the streets. It is a very pretty city, with lots of old buildings and churches. The cobblestone streets are a bit of a challange for a stroller, but Myah slept the whole afternoon in hers. One of my favourite things is the little kids, and the women here, they are so beautiful. I love their long dark hair.

Brenda, Ruth, Hannah, Sarah and Myah in the Center Square

Tyler and Myah in Central Park.

A view of the volcano. We could see the top if it from the city this morning on our way to church.

This is an old run down church, near the center square, in Antigua.

This is a typical street in Antigua, the town where our language school is. Nearly all the streets are one way roads. Sarah has taken note of how so many of the women and girls here wear tradtional clothing. She has commented about how she would like to dress like them.

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Annie said...

Hi guys:) I finally retrieved my password! Wow this looks like a beautiful city:) You look happy. I hope everything goes well with learning espanol! I am sure it will. It will just take a little time to get used to things. Trust me; you'll be bilingual before you know it!