Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goliath Beetle

Hola Mis Amigos y Familia!

Adam, I hope you enjoy looking at this picture. I often think about how much you would like it here. There are a lot of bugs and insects for you to admire. :-)

The girls really like their traditional outfits from Guatemala. We bought them at a market in Antigua. A lady helped me figure out how to tie the belt around the waist so the skirt(la falda) would not fall down. I love the embroidery that is done on each blouse, they are all very different.


Sarah said...

¡Que hermosas niƱas!

Did you know that you can tell which town each of the girls is from by the skirt that they're wearing? The lady at the store might be able to tell you which part or the country each piece of clothing comes from.

miranda said...

dear hannah,sarah,myah,brenda,and
tyler.My mom would like to know
how long it takes to send a few
letters to guatamaula before you
leave.I wish you were here.
Mrs. Whinfield said she would send you an email soon. What are your friends names. I wish you were here and Kassandra misses you too.I wish
you could come for all of fourth
grade beacause we get to play
in the baseball tournamant.Miranda

Annie said...

Incredible! I cannot believe the beetle! The girls are so lindas!!! I can't wait to hear you guys speak in Spanish. I am happy to see that you are doing well. Buenas noches!

Whindy said...

Hannah and company, you girls look lovely in those dresses. I agree with your mom, Hannah. The hand stiching really makes the outfit. Hmmm! Do you think they have one in MY size.
Wish you were here! Or better yet........wish I was there!!!
Talk to you soon!
Mrs. Whinfield
P.S. Did the e-mail I sent you get through?