Monday, June 11, 2007

Joanna Arrives Today!!!

The girls are very excited that Joanna arrives today. Sarah has been counting down the days of her arrival. I am not sure that she remembers that this also means that her Grandma is heading back home to Canada.
Here are a few items of praise and prayer.
Prayer items
  • Joanna settles in quickly
  • Our continued language trianing
  • Ruth as she returns to Canada
  • Our family members back home
  • For Joanna and the girls when it rains in the afternoons ( as they will be stuck inside)
Praise items
  • For our teachers Dina and Elena
  • Our first week of language school went well
  • We are settling in quite quickly to our new home
  • For the friends the girls have made here
  • For safety in travelling

The girls with Ruth at the garden in the main area of the complex

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