Friday, June 8, 2007

La Primera Semana

Today marked the end of our first week at language school. We have both enjoyed our classes and I am amazed at what we have learned already. It is exciting to be able to put together a whole paragraph in another language. Today was also the first day that I (Brenda) have driven here in Guatemala. I was less nervous than I expected. Driving here does not seem as crazy as in Peru. People don't blow their horns continuously. A new on ramp is being contructed at our intersection and the past three days it has taken us roughly 40 minutes to get on the hiway. It should only take us 5 minutes a the most from where we live. This is just more preperation for living outside of Canada.
During our afternoon break this afternoon, Tyler and I walked to a nearby market. We bought a traditional outfit that a young Guatemalan girl would wear for Sarah. (We ran out of time before we could pick one out for the other girls) Sarah was very excited about it. We will take a picture of her tomorrow and post it. It is amazing the work that goes into one of these outfits. The top (la blusa) is hand embroidered with flowers (los flores)or other shapes. Some of them are very elaborate. My understanding is the design has something to do with where the person is from. There is also a skirt ( la falda) that wraps around the waist and is tied with a hand embroidered sache. Sarah looked very pretty when she tried her outfit on, she did not want to take it off.
One of the views along the road to our school.

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