Sunday, June 24, 2007

"The Oasis" Kids Alive home in Guatemala

This is the Kids Alive home for girls, here in Guatemala. There are around 40 girls that call this home, and the property has a school right on site. There are currently 5 houses, a school/administration building, a large workshop, a soccer field and a large playground on the property. There is also an amazing view of 3 volcanos from up here.

This is a picture of Vanessa. She is a girl who grew up in the Kids Alive Lima Children's Home, in Peru. When she turned 18 she made the decision in life to stay on with Kids Alive and get into ministry work. She helped out at the home in peru for a couple of years and then now has moved here to Guatemala to work at the Oasis girls home. The day we were there she was sustitute teaching for a lady who was sick. We had a good opportunity to talk with Vanessa and encourage her. She told me that though her time was up here in December, she hopes to be able to stay on another couple years.

The day that we were at the home, the children were all in school.
We got a tour of the property from Doug Johnson, one of the missionaries here, and had lunch and prayer meeting with the entire staff. We got to play with some of the girls on their recess time, and I was glad that my mom Ruth could be there with us.
This ministry has its differences from the one we will be joining in Peru, but I think it will have been a benefit to us, to have seen another work in another country.
Please remember to be in prayer for the girls of the Oasis girls home.

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Annie said...

It looks like a nice place. It's great that God has brought so many girls to that place, I'll be praying!