Sunday, June 17, 2007

Second Week

We completed our second week of Spanish classes. Both of us are enjoying it very much. This coming week it is expected that we will have our exam to pass the first course. I am excited about that. I certainly hope to be bilingual one day.

The girls have really enjoyed having Joanna here. She is great with them and we are so thankful for her. Please continue to pray for all of the girls as they bond together.

We miss you and hope that you are well. May the Lord bless each of you.

La secunda semana es terminado. Nosotros nos gustan las clases de espanol. Esta semana nosotros tenemos la primera examen. Yo estoy muy emocionante.

A las ninas les gusta tienen Joanna aqui. Ella esta excelante con las ninas. Nosotros estamos felices a tiene Joanna.

Nosotros amamos,

de Brenda

This is Myah with her new doll(Caleb) and stroller, an early birhtday present from Grandama before she returned to Canada.

Esta es Myah con su nuevo muneca y sillita.

This is my teacher Elena

Le presento a mi maestra Elena.

A mother and her daughter

Una Mama y su hija

This is a local fruit and vegetable stand in the neighbourhood where we live.

Esta es una tienda con verduras y frutas, cerca de nuestra casa.


Sarah said...

I know Elena. She taught my friend Cheryl. I think they're still good friends.

Annie said...

Bueno, Brenda! Habla mucho espano! Me gusta mucho a leer tu "blog"!!!! That's about it for now in Spanish:)