Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tyler's First Attempt at Blogging

La Antigua Guatemala, (The Old Guatemala) was the capitol of Central America hundreds of years ago. It was a thriving city until one day, in a huge deluge of rain, a massive mudslide came down the side of the nearest volcano and buried the city. The surviving population moved to the site of what is today known as Guatemala City. In recent history, people have moved back to Antigua and changed the name of the volcano to Volcan Agua literally meaning volcano of water.

To the delight of tourists, many of the new
structures have incorperated the ruins of the original buildings.

This is the famous Arco Santa Catalina in Antigua. Many things in town are referenced to according to their proximity to the Arco.

On Friday my teacher and I walked up to a hill overlooking Antigua. We had a great view of the city from up here, unfortunately the view of Volcan Agua was obscured by clouds.


miranda said...

can you walk up the volcano to see the top.

Brenda said...

This volcano is inactive right now. You can walk to the top but it is just a bunch of trees all the way up. Another volcano called Pacaya is currently active. Next week we are going to climb it and we will post our pictures on our blog.

Annie said...

Hahaha, your teacher and you walked together... you wouldn't be a teacher's pet, would you LOL! Very good job on your first attempt to blog, Tyler:)

elena haydee said...

hola chicos como estan las fotos estan muy lindas pero necesitan escribir en espaƱol
saludos desde mi casa
Su maestra favorita