Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fraternidad Cristiana De Guatemala

This morning we attended the Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala. This is the largest church in Central America. It has a congregation of about 12,000. Today the church was a little more than half full. When we first saw the church we thought it was a soccer stadium. In fact the church was built in 2001, to meet the needs of the growing evengelical population here in Guatemala.
There is a huge difference between this church and our home church in Canada, but it was surprizingly friendly and welcoming. The platform resembles that of a rock concert, but the worship was very tasteful and the message was excellent. The pastor's name is Dr. Jorge H. Lopez and he and his son have been pastor here for many years.
Translation devices were available, but I am happy to say that I opted not to use one and got a lot out of the message. Afterwards we were able to go out for lunch with our friends from across the street.

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