Monday, July 16, 2007

Myah's Third Birthday

The Birthday girl in here new dress from Grandama. Myah en su nuevo vestida, de su abuela para su cumpleanos.

The beginings of a pinata.

La empieza de la pinata.

Whose bright idea was it to add cones!?!?!?!?!

Here we are beginning to decorate our pinata. Little did we know it would take more than eight hours.

This is the front of the pinata for Myah's birthday.

Este la pinata para el cumpleanos de Myah.

Here we are with the finished back side of our pinata.

La termina pinata


Wendy Mayer said...

Happy Birthday Myah! The pinata looked like fun (but a lot of work too)!
We have enjoyed reading your blogs regularly! We are glad to see that things seem to be going well for you so far. Although if your experience is anything like ours, we don't always write about all the hard times on the blog.
How do you like language school and the teachers so far? Do you have other students in your classes?
Thanks for your encouraging comments to us! We miss you!
Love, Wendy

Brenda said...

Hey Wendy, you are right the pinata was a lot of work. A good experience though.
We are really enjoying language school. No we don't have anyone else in our class. It is all one on one training. That is really good, we can learn at our own pace. I think at the end of these 3 months we will have a good solid base of the Spanish language.
We too are enjoying your blog. I am glad you gave us the idea at MTI. Your kids sound like they have had lots of cool experiences. I love reading about their adventures and thinking about how Evan must just be loving the whole adventure. We miss you guys too, and definately hope to get together with you again some day. Who knows where that will be.
Ty and Brenda

Sarah said...

Nice work with the pinata - I'm impressed! Looking forward to your arrival here in September :)

elena haydee said...

hola brenda tu eres una gran artista felicitaciones por esa piƱata
tu maestra Elena

Mon said...

Happy Birthday Myah!
Monika and the kids