Monday, July 23, 2007

Ten Years and Counting

This past week we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. At times it is hard to believe how quickly that ten years has gone by. The past few years have held so many changes that it feels like it has gone by even faster.

We had the opportunity to go away this past weekend to Santa Catarina to celebrate, however we had Myah with us. A notice was sent to our friends and neighbours from the U.S. Embassy detailing some very sad news and gave warning to Americans travelling in this country. In the past few weeks there have been a few Americans killed in small towns because they were suspected of kidnapping children for adoption. We felt that it would be safer to have at least one of our girls with us. Many people here are more willing to talk to us when the girls are with us than when they are not. We are of the impression they are feel less threatened when they see we are parents with our own children. Over the past few years there have been many attempted kidnappings of children for adoption both by North Americans and Guatemalans. This has made many parents more weary of people than they might have been before.

La semana pasada fue nuestro aniversario de diez anos. Estamos felices que Dios esta con nosotros cada dia y por el amor. Este fin de semana Tyler y yo fuimos a Santa Catarina. Un pequeno pueblo cerca de Lago Atitlan. Hay muchas familias que viven aqui. Dos familias fueron muy amables con nosotros y tienen ninos que juegan con Myah por mucho tiempo.

We met one of the girls in this family four weeks ago during our tour of the different towns surrounding Lake Atitlan. She was selling cards that her mother had made. When we arrived this weekend we met her mom and youngest sister Maria. We were quite happy when we realized they were related. In this famliy there were three girls one boy and a mom. We spent time talking with this family. We brought with us things that we heard are important staples for families here. We gave them some beans, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, crackers, jucie and a few candies. We were quite surprised at how thankful everyone was for these things especially the toothbrushes and toothpaste. The little boy in this famliy sang a song to me after receiving his gifts. It was a very special moment.

Nosotros llevamos muchas cosas a Santa Catarina para las familias. Frijoles, jabon, galletas, dulces, jugo, cepillos de dientes y pasta de dientes. Muchas personas estuvieron muy felices por los regalos. Un nino me canto una cancion solo para mi. Fue un bonito momento. (El esta en la playera anaranjada)

Myah quickly becames friends with the youngest girl Maria. She is also three years old. To see them together you would have thought they have known each other for a much longer time. They danced and skipped and Myah shared her doll caleb with her friend.

Nosotros conocimos una nina de esta familia hace cuatro semanas. Yo estuve feliz cuando yo recuerdo a ella. Cuando nosotros llegamos este dia, nosotros conocimos a su mama y su menor hermana Maria. Ella tiene tres anos tambien. Myah y Maria estuvieron juando juntas por mucho tiempo. A ellas les gusta jugar con la muneca de Myah.

While we were walking around we met a family who invited us into their yard. We talked with them for quite a while. Asking questions about how they do their weaving and other handy crafts. In one corner of the yard they had one of the biggest chickens I have ever seen. Myah fed the chicken some of her left over roll from dinner. She had quite a lot of fun and the family was fascinated with her anticts. The boy in the picture took quite a shine to Myah, they chased each other around and laughed so much. I really enjoyed our time there and watching Myah interact with this family.
Durante estuvimos caminado, nosotros conocimos a una familia. Ellos invitaron a nosotros en su patio. Nosotros pasamos mucho tiempo con ellos y aprendimos mucho sobre su trabajo. En este patio ellos tienen un gran pollo. Myah dio a el pollo su pan de su cena. El nino en la foto le gusta Myah mucho. Ellos juegan mucho. Yo tuve un buen tiempo con ellos.

We did have a great weekend together and with Myah. It is hard to explain how spending your anniversary with the desrire to reach others can be so rewarding, but when we spend time with the people here (and in Peru) sharing what we have and know there is great joy in my heart. This weekend we had the opportunity to explain who Caleb was in the old testament thanks to Myah naming her doll after her friend Judah's little brother. It was great to tell them about how Caleb trusted God to do all that he promised and Caleb's wholehearted love and obedience to God.


Sarah said...

Feliz aniversario! I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend to celebrate. The pictures are beautiful! Hugs to all :)

Annie said...

Joyeux anniversaire!!! Myah is just too cute with her doll on her back. Were you guys a bit scared, and really watching her? It would be hard for the people there to trust strangers. You seem like you had a great time!

Friends Back Home said...

Your Spanish is getting good! Wow! You're picking it up really fast - I'm going to fall behind and may be already! Congrats on the first ten years!