Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Trip to El Zapote

Today we had the opportunity to go to the village of El Zapote. This is where Kids Alive has a daycare centre. The village was on the other side of Volcan Fuego, which was putting on a smoke show for us on the way there.
El Zapote is a very remote village. It is necessary to drive across 4 rivers to get there, so we rode in the back of 4WD pick-ups to get there.

Tyler was asked to read a story to the children. This was excellent practice for his Spanish. We were on the trip with a work team from Washington State.

The kids at this care centre were very well behaved and attentive. Along with the story team, the kids coloured a couple pictures, sang some songs and had a play time.

In all there were about 30 children at this centre. Brenda and I really enjoyed visiting with them. The work team had brought some stuffed animals and candies for the kids.

Brenda absolutely loved our time in El Zapote. She is really at home with the kids. Obviously her calling.
We have really enjoyed our time here in Guatemala. Learning the language has been one thing, but getting to visit the Kids Alive family here and seeing the work they are doing has been an experience we won't soon forget.

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