Monday, October 8, 2007

Some pictures of our First Two Weeks

A view from the second floor
The girls say "Hi"

Afternoons with Myah can be quite a lot of fun

This one inch long lizzard became part of our family this week after nearly being stepped on in our driveway. He enjoys a healthy diet of ants and flies and the odd bite of corn flakes.

Hannah and Sarah were welcomed to their class with many cards and signs like the one sarah is holding in this picture.


Annie said...

HI Brenda, Tyler, Hannah, Sarah and Myah! Wow, your new place looks nice, is that your backyard that I see in the one picture? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We miss you and hope you're having a great time.

paulette said...

Hello to the Foss Crew in Peru!

Lovely pictures! Everyone looks so happy! It's great that you are all adjusting so well to your new country! And lots of friends already! Praise God! What we do without our friends eh! How exciting that you are already able to converse so well in Spanish! Lots of answered prayers! Praise God! God bless you all!
Oct. 12,07