Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Like No Other

Christmas is still two days away and yet we are experiencing "A Christmas like no other". For our family, this is the first year we will be away from "home". We can sense already how much we will miss things in the way we are acustomed; hot turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, for all of us except Tyler pumpkin pie mmmmm...., but most of all being with our family and close friends. Though we miss you all, we do not feel sad, for this I thank the Lord. We have made many friends since we arrived here exactly three months ago. I am so thankful for the people God has placed in our lives. We feel so loved by many.

Last week we decided that we would make a care basket for our friend Carmen Rosa and her family. We filled it with rice, noodles, vegetable oil, rice flavoring, sugar, hot chocolate, candies, shampoo, soap, toilet paper and a few other items. While packing it up we felt we had too much to give to only one family so we divided some of the items up into other baskets. We had no one in mind for the other basket at first. We talked about a few other people we knew and then a man named Jorge came to mind. We met him two years ago, one afternoon while driving down the main street of Manchay. We know he was friends with Patty Thrones for many years.

Friday night we set off to deliver our baskets, hoping to find the families at home. Carmen Rosa and her children were not home, so we were a bit disappointed, we will try again another day. Jorge`s house was on the route to our way home, we were happy to find him there. Visiting with him were his oldest son and one of his 12 grandchildren. He invited us into his home and showed us how he was carving out a bigger kitchen into the rock wall at the back of his house. I found this quite fascinating. We then went and sat with him in his living room. We talked about our friend Patty who has returned to Canada. Jorge showed us a guitar someone had given him and asked if we knew how to play it. Neither Tyler or I have any musical talent so we were sad to say no, but our friend Juan Carlos was with us and he plays the guitar very well. It was so much fun to sing together songs of praise. We are slowly beginning to memorize some songs in Spanish. I was sad when it was time for us to leave. Outside there were people who had gathered because they had heard us singing. I stopped to talk to a young mom and her two children and 3 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy. I hope to see her again some day as I am not exactly sure of where she lives. We had a few stuffed animals in our car that Hannah and Sarah gave to the kids.

Tonight we are having our friend Dona and her children over for dinner. Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon at the children's home with Wilma and her kids, it will be quite a lot of fun. So even though things are going ot be different this year, the Lord has blessed us with another wonderful way to spend the day celebrating the birth of His Son.

May the Lord bless you all. We pray that your Chritmas will be filled with the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.

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