Friday, December 7, 2007

December Newsletter 2007

Getting Settled

Our first few months have been spent getting settled into a bit of routine and helping our girls adjust to living in another culture. During this time we have been able to purchase a vehicle for our family from a retiring missionary couple. We have spent many weeks praying and looking for a house within our budget. This was proving to be difficult, but the Lord has provided us with a lovely three bedroom home, one block from Hannah and Sarah’s school. We look forward to moving in to our new home in January. We are renting our house from a single mom with three children. Please pray for us as we interact with her, as we share God’s love with her.

Beginning Ministry

Tyler has quickly settled into all areas of his ministry, but it is proving to take longer for me. Helping the girls to settle into school and being with Myah everyday has occupied most of my time. I am thankful that Myah and I are able to walk to the children’s home from where we are living and so we do get to spend some time with the younger children each day. I have also enjoyed getting to know the house moms better and trying to understand some of their needs, and see if there are any ways I can encourage them. All of them seem to have taken an interest in my love of scrapbooking and they have asked me to come and teach them on Tuesday mornings. I am looking forward to this.
I also have had this desire to begin making blankets as part of an outreach ministry to the families in Manchay. I hope at some point that there will be some nationals involved with me in this ministry. Above is the first quilt I have completed. I am thankful that I learned about tying quilts from Mrs. Barb Wheaton this past year at TLC.

Children's Home

It is very exciting to be back at the children’s home, meeting all of the new children as well as seeing how much the other children have grown. Many of the children remembered us or at least our red haired children. They were all surprised that Myah wasn’t a baby any more. Tyler has been working hard getting the home back into good running order, replacing countless door knobs and smoke detector batteries. There is always something for him to fix at the home, as the building is aging. We are expecting construction to begin for the new home in Pachacamac in January. The hope is that we will be able to move the children to the new location by March 2009
There are many new children living in the home, most of them are quite young, between the ages of one and six. We encourage you to pray for them as they adjust to their new environment and that the Lord will open their hearts to the truth of His salvation.

Care Center

The Care Center has continued to grow over the past two years. There are about sixty children who attend the programs at the center. There has not been much repair work for Tyler to do here as the buildings are all fairly new. I have not had much opportunity to spend time at the care center either, but this past week I was asked to help supervise a trip to the local zoo in Lima. It was such a fun day. I got to spend quite a lot of time with many children whom I met two years ago. When we returned to the Cuna the moms were waiting for their children, again I was happy to talk with some of the moms I knew from before. There were also many new faces to see and people to meet.
Recently all of the children who attend the center have gone through physicals. Many medical needs have become known as a result. About twenty of the children are in need of orthopaedic insoles and good shoes. Many of the children have other needs such as reading glasses, medication. There are a few moms in need of counselling and other treatments as well. Please pray about these needs and wisdom for us as to how it is best care for those in need.

Items of Praise

  • We were able to purchase a car for our family

  • Hannah and Sarah’s adjustment to their new school and their encouraging report cards

  • Juan Carlos who has been volunteering his time at the children’s home and has become a good friend to Tyler

  • For the relationships we are building with the children and moms

  • We have found a house to rent in the area we were hoping for, within our budget
Items of Prayer
  • The Bible study Tyler and Juan Carlos are doing together

  • The people we minister to and our relationships with our coworkers

  • We will settle in quickly to our new house and be able to find the things we need for our house

  • The health concerns of the children in at the Care Center and in the Children’s Home

We hope you have a wonderful
With Love In Christ,
Tyler, Brenda, Hannah, Sarah and Myah

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