Monday, January 21, 2008

Our New House

Here are a few pictures to give you a quick tour of our house. We are finally unpacked! This past weekend Tyler installed a hot water heater as there was not one in this house and this week hooked up our washing machine, much needed after a week without one :) We hope that you are all well and that you might have a chance to visit our house in person.

This is our 'loft' on the second floor, just outside of the bedrooms. It overlooks the living room on the main floor and is a great place for the girls to play.

This is Myah's room. There was a wardrobe where the wall is white, we will be painting that in the next week or so.

This is Hannah and Sarah's room. I really like their bed which was made here in a small city named Via Salvador.

This is our room. My favourite part is the view outside our window. It is so nice to wake up and see such beauty everyday.


Wendy said...

I like your new's very pretty! I'm sure it must feel nice to have a place of your "own"!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures! That street is so familiar... I too hope to some day be able to see your house in person. I miss you and pray for you.

Monika said...

Your new house is beautiful!
What a beautiful view from your window!
I really like the girls bunk bed. I've been searching for one just like that for a long time.