Friday, January 4, 2008

Our visit with Carmen Rosa

We were so excited when we were finally able to visit with Carman Rosa a few days after Christmas. Upon our arrival we found Carmen crying. That morning her oldest son had been robbed by four men with knives, they cut his throat and his stomach. Thankfully he survived, but he was fighting a fever while we were there. It was so sad to see a mother having to think of what her son faced and worry about his life. I was so encouraged to hear her tell me how through it all "Dios sabes" the Lord knows. How true I agreed as I hugged my friend. Though we were saddened by what had happened we were thrilled to be able to give her the gifts we had brought for her family. Finally it started to make sense why we were not able to make contact with her before this. Like Carmen Rosa said "Dios sabes".
This week the father of Carmen Rosa's children passed away, she is having a difficult time. We would ask you to pray along with us for her and her children.

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