Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tyler's Trip to Ica

This past summer Peru was hit by a major earthquake that killed almost 1000 people. Many are still rebuilding and some are still without homes.
On Thursday January 24th, Tyler had the opportunity to join the work team from Goshen, Indiana on a work trip to Ica. The team is in Peru to work at the Manchay Care Centre but took a 2 day trip to Ica to do some earthquake relief work.
The trip was coordinated by a man named John Stone, who along with his father has been working with local churches to buy and build new houses for people in need. We visited 4 houses that had been previously built but needed glass installed, the walls varnished and doorknobs installed. We accomplished all these tasks and on the 5th house we aided in constructing it and then varnished it. In all the different locations Tyler had an excellent opportunity to talk with and witness to the local people.
In our driving around the area there was evidence of the destruction that had occurred this past summer, but there were also many signs of hope that the people are recovering and helping eachother to get on with their lives.
Thank you to the team from Goshen, Indiana and to John Stone for this opportunity.

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