Friday, February 8, 2008


This is the street that our hotel was on in Iquitos. To the left of the picture was a large park similar to the one in downtown Lima. When we arrived back in Iquitos we walked around a little, spotting one of the local craft markets. Most of the local tourist places were closed so we were unable to visit those. We still had a great time, playing miniature bowling in our hotel and going out for dinner. This picture was taken from the resturant window.

These are two of the murals that were painted in the Iquitos airport. I think they are beautiful and a true depiction of how people live along the Amazon River even today.
Our flight home was a little bumpy, but it was great to look out the window and continue to see more and more of the world God created.
It was also great to be back with my husband and children, refreshed and ready to carry on.

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