Sunday, February 10, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

This morning we have learned that my friend Shannon who was with me on the trip to the Jungle has become very ill. Doctors have ruled out Malaria, but there are still other serious things it could be and they are having trouble diagnosing her illness as she is so ill that she has become agressive and very unlike herself refusing treatment. Please pray that the Doctors will be able discover what is causing Shannon's illness and treat it accordingly and that her father will be able to get a flight to Lima quickly. Certainly we know that the Lord is in control of all things, and that this will work out according to His purpose. Please pray for us as a team as well as we are all in shock about what is going on.


Sarah said...

I'm praying for Shannon and all of you, and others here are too. Keep us posted.

Monika said...

I hope the doctors find what's wrong with Shannon and she recovers quickly. That is so scary!