Saturday, February 9, 2008


This was one of my favourite parts of our trip. We boarded our boat and headed towards a local Mestizo community, a people who share part Native and Spanish backgound. The homes here are the same as the Yagua Natives currently live in, with one area for cooking and a separate area for sleeping. Our guide introduced us to this family and they invited our group to enter their home and talk with them. I was thankful for my growing but limited knowled of Spanish as it is again the language they spoke.

When our guide finished explaining how this family lived in the jungle, hunting, growing gardens and how they prepared their food, we were given the chance to walk around and talk to the family. I began talking with Mari the lady who's home we were in. She told me that she and her husband had three children and twelve grandchildren, many of whom were gathered around us. She continued to ask me where I was from, she was very happy to here of our work with children here in Peru and that I was an Evangelical Christian. All too quickly our time ended and it was time to continue on our walk.

This lady is expecting her baby any day now. She and her daughter were very nice to talk with. She also has a six year old son named Raul. When it was time for our group to carry on she brought me a fruit from her kitchen, I am holding it in the picture on the right. I brought it home to share with my family. I did feel a little bit guilty taking the fruit from her, but I also know she would have been offended if I had refused. I told I was grateful for her kindness and would be praying for her and her family. Her children continued to walk with us along the trail back to our awaiting boat.

I met the woman who lives in this home and four of her eight children. She invited me in to her home and we talked for a bit while others in our group played soccer in the nearby field. I really enjoyed spending time with her and felt honored to be in her home. Her oldest child is eighteen years old and her youngest child is a one month old baby boy. As we talked she held her baby who had woken from his nap in the hammock. This woman as well was very excited to hear that I was an Evangelical Christian. I was disapointed when it was time for our group to carry on, but thankful for the time I had getting to know this family.

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