Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shirley's Quince

On Saturday Shirley celebrated her 15th birthday. To many girls in Latin America this is a huge milestone. At this age they transition from being a young girl into being a senorita. Shirley asked Brenda and I to be her Padrinos. This is sort of like being her Godparents, and we had the priveledge of throwing a party for her. The night was very beautiful and formal. Everything I had hoped for as a proud Padrino.
Above is a photo of Shirley with her house mom Fanny, and her family. Fanny's family group are very special to Brenda and I. They include us in many of their activities and are always there when we need someone to talk with.

This is a photo of Shirley with her biological family. She and 3 of her brothers are in the care of Kids Alive and her youngest brother lives with her mom. This was a very special evening for her mom as well, she was very proud of the young lady her daughter has grown up to be.

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