Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adventures with Myah

This past week Myah began going to the Cuna, soon to be renamed the "Oasis". Myah was becoming bored each afternoon while I was working with the moms. One day one of the teachers invited Myah to join her in her class while the kids were sleeping and they could colour together. Thus began Myah's love for the Cuna and everyday this week she has asked "when is it time for my school?" I am so glad that she likes it and I think she will have the best understanding of Peruvian culture of all of us.

Thank you for your prayers about us finding a "home" church here in Peru, we appreciate them and feel that the Lord has been leading us to where he wants us to be.

For the last several weeks we have been attending a small Baptist church in Manchay, with maybe 50 people. We have really enjoyed the teaching and the people have been so wonderful and welcoming. Last week the Sunday School classes resumed after the Summer break. Halfway through the service Myah goes to the Nursery with about three other kids. This morning she decided to climb on the small table, she fell off. She cried the whole way home. We took her to the Anglo-American CLinic where they x-rayed her arm but could not find any evidence of a break. However she continued to cry and could not move her arm even when we prompted her or tried to trick her into moving it. Because her arm was inflammed the Doctors decided it would be best to put her arm in a cast and re-evaluate her in a few days. So we will be going back on Tuesday with her.

We have written our latest newletter and hope to have it out to you this week, if you would like our newsletter, but currently don't receive it please leave us a comment on our blog and we will be sure that you receive one.

We also have some exciting ministry opportunities coming up, so be sure to check back for more details.

Have a delightful week.

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