Monday, June 2, 2008

The Mountains of Peru

Myah and Dona

Our dear friend Dona was called to visit her father who lives in the mountains of Peru last week. She was very nervous about going to see him as it had been nearly 15 years since they had visited each other. Her father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and does not have much longer to live, he has stopped eating and only takes water once in a while. It was a great privilege to pray for Dona and her family during this difficult time. Our hope was that Dona's visit with her dad and extended family would be a blessing to her and that any wounds that they had from previous years would be healed. It was a great joy to learn that Dona's father became a believer about five years ago and to listen to the testimony of how the Lord had changed him. If he is still alive in a month Dona hopes to visit her father again. The trip is quite long, 13 hours in a bus and then about a 15 km walk through the mountains to get to the town where she was born. If possible I believe that Tyler will accompany her on the next visit. Dona has become like a mother to our family and we have grown to love her very much. We would be delighted if you would join us in praying for her.

Above you will see some of the pictures that Dona took on her walk through the mountains to her village, I think they are incredible.

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