Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Update

The Painting Queen

Inspecting the new well in Pachacamac.
Loading the bricks for the concrete ceiling.

Mike, taking it all in.

Dear Family and Friends,

We are in the middle of writing our latest newsletter, but realize this will not be finished as soon as hoped and thought that you should know about our plans for the fall. On August 27th we will be on our way to Canada for three months to take care of some medical and personal issues. We will be staying with Rick and Ruth Foss (Tyler’s parents) for the first month at least. We are looking for someone to help us with Hannah’s and Sarah’s schoolwork as they go to an American Missionary school here in Peru and need to keep their studies up while we are gone. If you or someone you know might be able to help us with this we would greatly appreciate any help you can give. I am not fully certain about the time commitment but I am guessing 3 – 4 hours a day. I will know more in a few days after talking with their teachers.

While we are in Canada we hope to see many of you and would love to get together and spend time with you. Please feel free to email us if you are interested in getting together.

Items of Prayer & Praise
-The girls to settle into a routine quickly
-Someone to help with Hannah and Sarah’s schoolwork
-For our health issues to be resolved
-For the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.
-For our ministries in Peru to continue running smoothly while we are in Canada
-Brenda- the moms in her Moms Helping Moms Program
-Tyler- taking over the full responsibility of Construction
-For Maribel who will be watching our house and caring for our dog Annie

Thank you for your continued love and support you are a great encouragement to us.

Tyler and Brenda Foss

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