Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Beautiful in God's Eyes"

Today was an incredible day for me. Because I will not see these women for the next three months, I wanted to treat them to a special outing, something few of them have ever had and certainly not without their children in tow. Three of our moms celebrate their birthday this month and so we brought along a cake that Rachel had made for them. (Thank you Rachel). We ate Pollo a la Brasa at a local resturant called Las Canastas, it is very similar to Swiss Chalet. As it turns out these ladies surprised me with gifts they had made for me and sang some of the new songs they have been learning in our classes, as well as some traditional Spanish and Quechua Christian choruses. It was so touching and it is a memory I hope to carry with me forever.
Each one of these women hold a special place in my heart, and although my job is to teach them, they have taught me so much more. I can see the hand of God at work in their hearts and it is an incredible joy to be a part and a close witness. This past Monday instead of doing our usual practical skills class we took the time and asked our moms if they cared to share a time in their lives when they could see that the Lord was walking with them through different things they had faced. It was amazing to hear their stories and to listen how the Lord worked in their hearts and the people around them. For some of them they told of how they came to faith in Christ. Words cannot fully explain how much this time of sharing meant to me. Some of these ladies have come from horrible circumstances, they have been beaten, left in the streets, their parents died when they were young and some of them have already seen some of their little children die. Our God is a good God and He works all things according to His Purpose, this week I was reminded of this truth as I listen to the words of these precious women.
It will be hard for me to be away from 'my' moms for such a long period of time. God has given me a great love for them and I will miss them immensely. Please be praying for each of them and their children.

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