Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peru One Year After the 8.0 Earthquake

August 15th marks the first anniversary of the devestating earthquake that hit Peru's West Coast last year. "At least 514 people killed and 1090 injured. More than 35,500 buildings destroyed and more than 4200 buildings damaged. The majority of the damage and casualties occurred in Chincha Alta, Ica and Pisco. Widespread communications and power outages occurred in the area. The Panamerican Highway, the Carretera Central and other main transport routes suffered heavy damage due to landslides and cracks." USGS

About a month ago we went on a family vacation to one of the neighbouring towns near the epicenter of the earthquake. Sadly there is still much damage that remains visable as you travel in this area, fallen brick walls, fallen buildings, roads that are crumbling with pot holes and piles of rubble from the fallen buildings that have been cleaned up. We spoke to a family whose house was destroyed in the quake, it was so sad to hear their story, and there are many others just like them. I read one news report that stated this quake left nearly 140,000 people homeless. My mind can hardly comprehend this after having seen the area and how sparse it is.

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