Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What has Tyler been up to?

I often forget to write about the work that Tyler is doing because he has his own construction blog. So, I decided I had better let those of you who haven't seen his blog know what he has been up to. Since we returned in January, we have had teams for all but two weeks of that time. Tyler has been very, very busy with them.

Here is a brief list of what they have accomplished

  • Tiled and painted the first two houses in Pachacamac
  • Framed and drywalled the new office building in Manchay
  • Paved two more sections of the driveway in Manchay
  • Built new built in desks and furniture in Manchay
  • Completely wired the new houses in Pachacamac
  • Cleared the whole property in Pachacamac ( this was a huge job, it took a whole week)
  • Removed the dying trees in Pachacamac and planted grass behind the first two houses
  • Started working on the new septic system in Pachacamac (You will want to read more details about it on Ty's blog)
  • Repaired a falling retaining wall in Manchay at one of the teacher's houses
  • Tyler has translated his first sermon in to Spanish. This happened the weekend that Dana and Joel had their baby. Kelvin from the Calvary Baptist team in Oshawa, is one of their pastors and he preached that Sunday morning, while Ty translated.
Kelvin preaching and Tyler translating
Prep work for fixing the retaining wall
The falling retaining wall
The front view of the first two houses
Shopping for builing supplies at a local Ferreteria (hardware store) in Pachacamac.
As you can see our boy has been busy. I am sure there are things he has done that I don't even remember. Please remember to keep praying for him, that God would give him wisdom as he continues to lead the teams that come. There are many things he is still learning as the new director of construction and maintenance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Myah's New School - Paradise Kids

Last week, Myah began going to a local pre-school in our neighbourhood. I restled for a while about whether to send her or not, but she really missed having her sisters here, now that they have returned to school and, I can only play "house" for so many hours in a day.

Myah, enjoys her new school. There are 13 kids in her class and her teacher's name is Miss Luz. All of her classes are in Spanish and, even in a week we have noticed an increase in the amount of Spanish that she knows and her confidence to use it. I love having the afternoon free to play with her when she comes home.

Myah in her school clothes

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Time for Swimming Lessons Again.

Sarah gettting ready for her first dive!

Hannah and her classmates.
We are so happy that we have a pool close by and the students from Fetzer take lesson there each March. With the heat it is a nice way to end an afternoon of school.