Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Been a While

I realized this morning that it has been a while since we have updated our blog.

First, we want to thank our home church for their kindness in replacing our computer that was stolen several months ago. This is such a blessing to us and enables us to work more efficiently in many areas.

Tyler left this morning to go with Pastor Joel and a team visiting the Gamonal's from Georgia to Huancayo, a large town in the mountains. They will be gone for three and a half days. The purpose of their trip is evangelism in the town. Tyler and Joel were there a few weeks ago making preparations for this trip. He took a lot of pictures and had much to tell, but I am hoping that he will write about it for you himself.

The girls are nearing the end of their school year, they will have the month of July off for holidays and then begin the new year early in August. When that happens, Myah will be joining Hannah and Sarah at Fetzer. Myah is eager to begin now, and often talks about how she and her friend Aaron will be in the same class with Mrs. Melinc as their teacher.

I have begun working more regularly with the moms program again. It is so nice to spend time with the women who have touched my heart in many ways and it is so amazing to see how far | God has brought them in just one year.

Tyler continues with the construction in Pachacamac. The first two houses are now complete and have people living in them. The structure of the third and fourth houses is nearly finished as well. Also this week we saw the completion of the waste water system on the property. In the next few weeks we will be able to add, water plants and fish to the pond.

Two days ago, Tyler's parents arrived to spend one month with us. The girls were very excited and happy to see them, as well as a few things we had left behind in January. We hope to visit Pisco or Ica with them for a few days. This is near the area of the major earthquake a few years ago. It will be interesting to see how things have develpoed since we were there last yeasr with Ashley.

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