Friday, May 1, 2009

Pescando en Pucasana

Today, we took a trip with Dana, Joel, their children and two men from our church, Daniel and Alejandro to Pucasana. This is a small fishing village on the Pacific Ocean about an hour south of Lima. We went armed with snacks, drinks, sanwiches, apples, fishing poles, sand toys and a baby stroller. All of the men went out fishing. Their original plan was to take some of the older kids, but the waves were a bit rough and thus our plans had to change.

So, what do two women do with 9 kids for four hours (Dana's 4, my 3 and Daniel's 2). Well, first you get interviewed by some people making a video about tourism in Peru, then you watch your kids play in the sand collecting all kinds of sea creatures, shells and sea glass. Then you spend ten minutes watching the waves come crashing through this hole in the rocks. First round of trips to the bathroom are due about now, as well as snacks and some juice. Step one, find a bathroom that is reasonably clean, find the toilet paper you brought with you and off you go!
Following our snack we went to a slightly larger beach where the fishing boats go out of with some pails and shovels. All of the kids were amazed by the number and size of the shells they found there, as were Dana and me.
We had our lunch sitting outside of our car, there was a perfect little concrete wall for the kids to sit on, and since it was a cloudy day we didn't have to worry about finding shade. I know that all of you back in North America probably don't want to hear this, but this is only the second cloudy day we have had in the last four months, so we welcomed it joyfully.
We had a lot of fun with all of the kids and the 'boys' came back with a large number of fish. They were so thrilled and took the fish back to Manchay to have a fish fry for Alejandro's nephews birthday.

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That sounds like a fun day:)