Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Monday Morning Began

Monday morning was the beginning of a new era for me as I watched our three girls walking to Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy. Myah is now gone three days a week for the whole day. My youngest child has reached a new milestone in her life and it means that I have to let go a little bit more of my little girl. Reluctantly, I am forced to move on knowing that I am no longer a mother to a pre-schooler and that my children are growing up faster than I want them to. Reality sets in and everyone of the people who told me that this time will pass by too quickly is proven right.

Myah really enjoyed her first day of school and couldn't wait to go back this morning. I am very thankful for her teacher Mrs. Melinc and that she has the opportunity to go to such a great school.

Ready to start the new school year!

Myah with Aaron and Mr. Frey the school principle.

Myah at her desk, with Mrs. Melinc and her good friend Aaron.

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