Friday, October 16, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Myah

I was just speaking with Myah's teacher this afternoon and she told me a sweet story about Myah in her class. First you should maybe know that Myah's favourite part of school is her Bible class. She comes home and tells us in great detail about what she learned that day. They are currently in the beginning of the Old Testament.

One day last week Mrs. Melinc was reviewing with Myah and Aaron the story of Lot, his wife and daughters fleeing Sodom. Both Myah and Aaron got to tell her what they remembered about their lesson and she said they both remembered the story very well. They were taking turns and when Myah got to the part about Lot's wife turning to salt Myah said in an very excited voice "She didn't obey what the angels told them and God truned her into a pillar of pepper!"

You just have to love the excitment of a five year old. I don't know how her teacher didn't laugh out loud, but she didn't, she just enjoyed the moment.

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