Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally Here... Quilt pics

Last year I began making these quilts for our girls. I wanted each of them to have something that was just for them. They also had to leave behind many of their things when we moved here and this was something I wanted to do for them, to remind them how they are each special to me.

I am grateful to my mother in law Ruth, who was willing to hand quilt each of these quilts for me. I think it is great that these were completed by two generations for out girls. I tried to post a few pictures below to show some of the detailed quilting that went in to these blankets. They really are very well done.

Sarah's quilt was made with Moda's very popular Sock Monkey fabric. When she was little we used to call Sarah our Tutti Monkey and so when I saw this fabric I knew it was perfect for her.
Myah's quilt was made with this fabric collection of pinks, yellows and oranges. Admittedly not my favourite combination when I first saw the fabric. But, one of Myah's first presents was a pair of pink sleepers with these adorable cup cakes on them. This fabric collection just happened to include a pink print with cupcakes, so you can see my inspiration. The funny thing is that when I finished piecing the quilt I actually like it despite the strange colour mixture.
Here is a picture of all three quilts together. I posted about Hannah's quilt a while back and you can see more pictures there.
Detailed pick of quilting

Now each of the girls has their own blanket, made especially for them.

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