Friday, July 23, 2010

For Women Only

Right now I am on holiday with my husband's parents and sister and her family in Paracas. It is beautiful here but very windy this time of year. Our girls have had a wonderful time palying with their cousins on the beach and collecting shells. This morning they went on a boat ride to nearby islands to see penguins, sea lions and starfish.

During the past two days I have had the opportunity to read one of the new books I ordered that my in- laws brought with them. The book was For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I was quite surprised by much of what I learned in this book. It deals with things that most men wish women knew about men, but don't really know how to tell us. There were a few things that I maybe had expected, but was surprised at how important they were. I have also purchased the book For Men Only writtne by Shaunti's husband for my husband. I think when we are finished it would be good for us to maybe have a chat about the things that are most important to each of us personally. I do believe that this information would be good for us to communicate better with each other and understand one anothers needs.  If you are a woman who is sometimes confused by your husband's reactions, or emotions I would recommend this book to you, to help give insight.

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