Friday, July 30, 2010

"When Invisible Children Sing"

Recently, I read a great book by this title written by Dr. Chi Huang. He wrote about his experiences with the street children in the mountains of Bolivia, where he lived for one year. This book was so amazing, yet heartbreaking for me as I read it. I have heard stories of how homeless children are treated in under developed countries and sadly the stories of the children in this book were no exception. It is hard for me to understand that someone could look at another person and decide they were of little or no value. My heart grieved as Chi Huang told of the events of five childrens lives. Looked upon as trash, because they were homeless and therefore unwanted and unaccepted.

I realize there is no overnight cure to poverty or homelessness. But, I believe that we need to look at others through the eyes of Jesus. Full of compassion. When I read about Jesus' ministry, I am amazed at His compassion for others. His ability and willingness to reach out to the most undesired and unwanted and love them, to touch them and to heal them both physically and spiritually.

I hope that as I interact with the people of Peru that I am living as Jesus did. Loving others even when it is hard. Speaking the truth and leading by example.

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