Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Cravings...

There are some funny conversations happening at our house lately. If you were to walk by our window and listened for a bit you might wonder what was going on as you hear "yum, oh,  and I can't wait."  No, no one is excited about the dinner I made (though it does happen on occasion). We are all talking about the foods we miss and what we plan to eat during our two months in Canada.

Before you being thinking that the food in Peru is not to our liking, I will tell you that it not the case. It is just that we miss some of our favourite things that you cannot get here. You know some of those childhood favourites. Four out of five people in our house are so excited about having a glass of root beer. Others are excited about traditional fish & chips and unanimously everyone is dying to go for a Harvey`s hamburger.

So for fun I thought I would leave you with a list of things that some or all of us miss and hope to try again in a few short weeks.
I know there are more things that have been mentioned around here but, I`d better stop now or I might start drooling on my computer.

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A Plain Path said...

Yum...I hope you get your fill! I know when we were in Germany, there were many things we missed from home, even though the food there was good. And being military, we shopped at the commissary, so didn't do without near as much as our missionary families did. I loved the church fellowship we did every Thanksgiving...putting on a large American Thanksgiving meal for missionaries throughout Europe, that would come, and some came from farther away. We always sent them home with a box of American food that they couldn't get locally either.

Hope your trip back home goes wonderfully!!!!