Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Journey Begins...

Today, was the first step in our journey to have another child. Tyler and I went to the National Secretary of Adoptions (SNA) in Peru to inquire about adopting a child or two. We met briefly with a psycologist who answered a few of the questions we had and she asked us a few in return; our reasons for adopting, our ages, how many children we already have and their ages? At the end of our meeting she told us about making arragements when we return to Peru in February to begin the process of applying to adopt. She also told us the we would be considered to adopt children under the age of five, based on our ages and the ages of our girls if approved.

So, we begin the journey to having our next precious child(ren). We know that this a process that will test our faith and our patience. But we look forward to seeing what God has instore for us and our family.


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