Friday, December 24, 2010

This Christmas

It has been funny for me the past few weeks preparing for Christmas this year. In the back of my mind I cannot help but think that next year I may be a mother to 4 or 5 and not just the three wonderful girls I have right now. Tomorrow I believe is when we will share with our families of our hope to adopt. I am not sure of the reactions we will receive, but you can be sure that I have played out many scenarios in my mind. 

I am excited when I think about my other children and who they may be. Our two oldest daughters, who know of our plans to adopt can barely contain their excitement and ask questions regularly. They are awaiting the moment when they can freely talk about their new siblings without worry that someone might hear before the announcement.

So, this Christmas I will celebrate the birth of my beloved Savior with my family as I look forward to next year and the hope that we will be joined by the rest of our family.

May you be blessed this Christmas as you reflect on the amazing birth and life of our Savior who gave us the right to become children of God.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock

I have heard that this is a possibility and I guess that I experienced a little of it 2 years ago when we came back for medical reasons. However, this time I am definitely noticing reverse culture shock. Maybe it is because more things have changed, or maybe I have changed. I actually believe that both of these statements are true. It could be that I feel like Peru is my earthly home now until I am in my eternal home. I am not really sure.

I am not the only one in our family who is currently experiencing a difficult adjustment to North American culture. Myah has asked to go home every day since we arrived. This does not surprise me though as she has little to no memory of Canada, as she was only 2 years old when we moved to Peru.

Beyond the adjustments to being here, we are doing well. Hannah and Sarah had a lot of fun visiting with friends from church on Sunday, and everyone has enjoyed seeing family members. We look forward to the time we have to spend with friends and loved ones.

Please continue to pray for us over the next few weeks.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Today was a great day! We started it off by going to our friends children's home to play with and hold babies. Any of you who know me well, will know how much I love this. Then in the afternoon everyone from our children's home had a despedida (going away party) for us. They made a special lunch, one of Tyler's favourites. When the meal was done different kids and some of the adults said some very kind words of appreciation to us. They finished the afternoon by praying for us and our family. It added to the mixed emotions that we feel when leaving here. We love visiting with family and friends in Canada, but this is our home now and we love and are loved by so many here. We need the time to refresh and share with others, so it is a good thing and I know we will enjoy it, but we will also be missing some very special people in our lives.

As an added surprise mu friend Isabel along with her husband and 4 of her children came to say good bye to us and brought me a cake for my birthday that is coming up. We had a great visit with them. We will really miss them. Their second youngest daughter will turn 3 on Wednesday, it was fun to go out and find a baby doll for her. She loves dolls and spent the entire visit playing with her baby.

So, we have less that 48 hours before we head to the airport. It won`t be long now and we will be where it is nearly 40 degrees colder!!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Passing Thoughts

Sometimes I feel funny writing a blog that for now has no one else to read it. At least until we tell our families about our plans to adopt. It would be kind of mean for them to learn about them just by coming across our blog.

It is hard to belive that we have to wait at least three months before we can even begin the process of adoption. When I was talking with my husband the other day he said to me " I think it is God's timing that we wait, or our time in Canada might be consumed with the wrong thing." Not the adopting is the wrong thing, but that our time in Canada is to be spent sharing with our family, friends and supporters about what we have been doing over the past three years.I can completely understand what Tyler was saying.

Over the past week I have read a fair bit about God's care and love for orphans. His word says so much about this. He LOVES the orphan and widow. If you think about it we ourselves were orphans. Sin left us as orphans and God in his grace adopted us into His family. What an amazing priviledge to be part of His family. As we move forward in obedience to God's leading in our lives to adopt, I pray that He will continue to change and challenge my heart, and that I will become more and more like him.