Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting to Know Them

We have been back in Peru for a little over two weeks now and I have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with the ten new moms in our ministry. I have enjoyed getting to know each of them, learn about their families and get a glimpse into their hearts.

For those of you who are part of our support team I wanted to share with you a few prayer request and things about each mom, so you too can be praying for them and share a part in this ministry. To protect their privacy I have given each mom a pseudonym that will be theirs for the year.  

Please be praying for
  • health of her husband Roger
  • that they will get running water and sewage drains
  • her Spiritual life
  • Her children Jade and Marcos
  • her husband
  • a place to live
  • her children Yilmar and Diego
  • provision for her necessities
  • her son Miguel Angel
  • her husband Jesus
  • her mother who lives in Ayacucho
  • her daughter Regina - her life and a job for her
  • the health of the whole family
  • her 7 children
  • health of her daughter Celinda
  • work for her husband
  • Spiritual lives of her and her husband
  • health of her sone Nataniel
  • the necessities for her home
  • health of her children Milagros and Zulika
  • purchase of land for a home
  • her children Maria Fernanda, Paolo and Camila
  • her property
  • the health of her husband Emiliano and her children
  • her home
  • the health of each mom in the program
  • God's provision for her family. Her husband broke his arm before Christmas and needed seven screws put in to help set the bones. They have an overwhelming debt from his medical care and he is still not able to return to work.
  • shoes, uniforms and school supplies for her three children
Carmen (my co-worker)
  • God's strength and provision
  • school supplies for her daughters
Please pray for Carmen and I as we minister to these precious women whom God has brought into our care, that we will be wise, kind and an example of God's love.

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