Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love in Action

Over the past few days we have had the privilege of spending time with our new friends Tracy and Ben Corey who are here in Peru to complete the adoption of their two daughters. Tracy and Ben chose to adopt older children and with this comes it's own set of challenges. Their daughters are ages 8 and 11. It is a scary thing to be taken from the only life you have known and be given to strangers. Even if you bond well and want to be with and be loved by your new family it can still be scary. There are a lot of new experiences ahead for these girls, a life in a new country, new language, new family members, different education system and the list goes on. It is obvious that Tracy and Ben's girls enjoy being with them, we have seen these girls making strides in bonding and accepting the love and affection of their new parents. At the same time we can see that is is hard for these sweet girls to trust someone. They were abandoned when they were very young and learned that trusting someone else only leads to dissappointment and heart break.

Today, I am asking you to pray with me for this family, for these precious girls. Pray especially for their older daughter who is afraid of being abandoned again and is afraid to trust someone new.

Playing tag is tons of fun!

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