Saturday, March 12, 2011

Neighbourhood Destroyed by Fire

This morning Tyler and I went with our friend to find her sister after learning that all of the homes in her neighbourhood had been burnt down through the night by a group of neighbours. I was not prepared for what we would see. It was awful to see the destruction and hear the families crying over that loss of their homes.                                          Our friend Mike has a bus from one of his church plants near the area that wast burnt down. Mike came and took some quilts that we brought back with us to give to some of the families. Our girls without being asked went into their closets and took out some of their clothes that they wanted to donate to the families. This week I think that Tyler and Mike with make some visits to help and encourage these people who have lost everything.

One house with burnt out matresses

Remains of homes
Please be in prayer for these families as they have been left homeless and with nothing to call their own. Pray that they will be wise and not seek revenge and that they will experience God's love through the ministry of Mike and Tyler.

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