Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reading and New Friends

As we prepare for our hopeful adoption in the next year, I have begun reading some suggested books about adoption. Including Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child  by Patricia Cogen. it has been very interesting and I am only on the thrid or forth chapter. So far the book has touched on the feelings of loss that an orphaned child experiences and the effect that this has on their brain develpoment.  It also addresses the need for parents to be pro-active rather than reactive to their child's needs and to realize that sometimes the actions and emotions they display are not what they really want to express. A parent needs to think of things from his/her child's perspective and the difficulty an adopted child may have trusting that they will be loved and cared for forever and will not be handed over to yet another person.

Another thing that we were advised to do was to find other adoptive parents with whom we can learn and understand more about adoption, the process and parenting adopted children. This has been a  lot of fun for me and I have made several wonderful new friends that I feel blessed to know.

One of my new friends is here in Peru this month with her husband to bring home their daughters. It has been to wonderful to read about their time together, getting to know one another and  looking at pictures that are priceless. if you are interested in reading about my friend Tracy's adoption journey please check out her blog Corey Times.  Sometime while Tracy and her husband Ben are here with their girls we hope to get together in person. I am looking forward to that day.

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