Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starting to Feel a Little More Personal

"Mom, we want to be in the picture!"

After living in Peru for nearly 4 years, we have finally hung some pictures on the wall. Renting a place to live is not the same as owning your own home and we have not felt the freedom to add our own personal touch to our living space. That has all changed now. Before we went on furlough in December we spoke to our land lady about the need we saw for making our girls feel like they are in their own home. We were so thankful that she gave us permission to hang pictures and drill holes in the walls to put up some shelving.

What a difference a few pictures can make. There is a totally different feeling when we walk into our house and see familiar pictures and belongings on the walls. It has given us a new level of comfort in our surroundings.

Family Portraits

Belts and table runners from Guatemala  and Peru