Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four Days in the Jungle Part 1

This past weekend we had the privilege of visiting the Jungle as a family. We had a wonderful time seeing so many amazing things that God has made, butterflies of all colours flying around, tarantulas, Cayman and Anacondas. Being surrounded by green trees and beautiful flowers after living in the desert for four years where everything is brown, was such a treat. We met some terrific new friends and our girls had a great time swimming in the Ucayali river, swinging on tire swings, flying over the jungle in a float plane and going to a girls club with several children from the jungle. Tyler was able to go fishing and caught a large Piranha and several Peacock Bass, he even held a 100lb Anaconda!

I hope you will enjoy our pictures.

The Wildlife

Small 1 " tree frog we found in the bathroom
Tarantula on the window outside of room the Fietje's slept in
Cayman at a local zoo
Tyler holding the 100lb Anaconda
Th egirls with a very old taxedermy Cayman

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