Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Move over mom, there's a new cook in the house!

I may have mentioned before that my two youngest daughters like to help me make dinner most nights. They are getting that they want to be able to do some of the things on their own. So I have a few things that I don't mind letting them do with little supervision. Tonight, I was going to make Pizza Quesadillas when Myah came into the kitchen and asked if she could help me or should I say make dinner while I watch her. Okay, I admit it, I helped a bit, but I really tried to let her do most of it by herself.

Can I help you?

Adding the cheese, yum!

Some pepperoni

Toasting the quesadilla in the frying pan

Cutting it into serving sized pieces

Of course, every good cook knows you need to try
your meal before you serve it.


Paige said...

So do you wanna teach me to make some Peruvian food the next time we are in Peru????

Rhonda LaBatt said...

Your girls are just so cute! :)

essle said...

These are incredible! I really love such awesome simplicity.
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