Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing the Gospel in Antioquia

Yesterday, we got up very early to visit the small town of Antioquia. This small town is about 40 km from where we live, but the road to get there takes about an hour and a half to travel. We went with our good friend Mike Kennedy and a group that is visiting their children's home this week. Our whole purpose being to take some much needed school supplies and share the Gospel with the children and their teachers.

We had a wonderful day and everyone was blessed by our time there. The children were delighted to have some things that were just for them, and each one received their very own Bible. There is such a contrast here to the mentality of sharing the gospel in school as to that in North America, where the Government is determined to keep God out. I am glad for the freedom to share with these children.

All three of the schools we visited today were extremely small and had hardly anything to use for teaching their students. We hope to be able to continue helping with this need, but most importantly we hope to develop relationships with the people and maybe one day be able to start an Evangelical church in the area. Please pray with us to that end.

The first school we visited, the children heard the gospel
and received pencil cases and notebooks

Third school was a one room school with 21 students.

This pre-school has six students but no supplies for teaching.
We brought some puzzles, crayons and blocks.
 Please continue to pray for our interactions with these schools, especially for the seeds that were planted yesterday, that they will take root and bear fruit. We have been asked to come and share with the parents of the students and specifically talk about moral issues.

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Calley said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I know it was such a joy to go and interact with the kids- but to have the opportunity to go back and speak with their parents as well-wow!