Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ups and Downs

This past week was one of emotional ups and downs. I was so touched when one of the moms from this years MHM group gave me two beautifully hand embroidered table cloths for my home. Most especially that she made them just for me and that she wanted to thank me for the friendship I have shown her. My heart is full of joy that comes from being blessed by God's goodness. Those days when I wonder if I am having an impact on the women and families that I spend time ministering to, God blesses me with this wonderful gift of love and appreciation. How wonderful and humbling, I am thankful.

The harder part of my week was visiting with a family whose daughter was killed on Wednesday while crossing the road infront of the Oasis (Care Center). She was eight years old and was crossing the road with her dad and brother, when a car came speeding along, hit her and sent her flying through the air, she landed ten meters away. She died very shortly after at a local clinic. This young girl was a neighbour of several of the families who come to the Oasis. On Thursday, Carmen and I went to the visitation in the family's home. We spoke with the mother and expressed our sympathies and desire to be of help in any way that we could. We have been encouraged by friends and neighbours of the family to return this coming week, to help walk this family through this tragedy. Please be praying for us as we minister to them, especially that God would open their hearts to receive him. We know they have a Catholic background, but they did not have any of the usual idols that most Catholics diplay in their home.

Please also be praying for a friend that I met my first year here in Peru. Several months ago a doctor told her she was expecting triplets. He continued to treat her for the following months, and her belly continued to grow and grow. About a month ago, she began having some sharp pains and thought she was going into labour, her husband rushed her to the hospital, where they discovered that she was not carrying triplets, but had three newborn sized tumors growing inside of her! She was deeply saddened to learn that there were no babies after her surgery. Please be praying for this special lady, she is a beautiful woman of God and she brings much joy to everyone she meets. Please especially pray for her health, that she will go for any follow up check ups that are needed and that she will find a doctor who is willing to do regular check ups to prevent something like wthis from happening again.

Admittedly, sometimes my weeks and days can be a little emotionally hard, but  I love that God has called us here and that we have the privilege of building friendships with so many wonderful people. We see God at work in the lives of women and children in Manchay and surrounding communities.  We are blessed beyond measure and I cannot think of a place in this world I wouldrather be.


Calley said...

It's amazing how God knows just what we need for encouragement at just the right time. :) So glad you had a friend encourage you in the wonderful work your family is doing in Peru. I pray you will continually see the fruits of your labor, more with each passing day.

Jen said...

Just found your followers at the bottom & jumped on board! Can't wait to read more!