Monday, June 20, 2011

The Adventures of Myah and Mr. Fuzzy George

The other weekend Myah had the privilege of bringing home her class stuffed animal for being the Star Student of the week. She received this award for being a helper to her teacher and her classmates. Mr. Fuzzy George has been in our home before, when Sarah brought him home one weekend.   We had a team with us that weekend and had plans to spend the day downtown. Mr. Fuzzy George got to come along, as Myah had to write a journal about their weekend activities together. I thought I would share with you a few of the pictures we captured.
Together again! Eating chicken at Pardos
Mr.Fuzzy George enjoying his crown
and coloring page.
Fountain at Plaza de Armas
In front of the Presidential Palace
Finished off the day with a little shopping
at the Indian Markets
Fun quotes from Myah:

In her journal for Mr. Fuzzy George.
"We went for a drive, the car in front of us was a slow as a turtle!"

While on a playground a young boy came up to her and called her something that ended with the sound ong. She responded "O-N-G ong. Good for you! You know your special sounds, you might pass your test tomorrow."

"Mom, now that I have lived in Peru for four years, that is more than half my life, am I a Peruvian?"

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Jen said...

The photos bring back memories of our trip to Peru...the plaza, shops, church! What beautiful memories recollected! Thanks! Many blessings to you! ~ Jen